History of FLCA

FLCA History graphic.png
  • Early 2000's - several universities were conducting research & offering courses on coaching within the family sciences field
  • 2013 - a group of individuals began corresponding on the work they were doing, more related to coaching techniques than therapy or consulting.
  • Feb., 2014 - initial online meetings were conducted with interested individuals
  • March, 2014 - first survey was distributed regarding programs offering coaching certification
  • End of 2014 - FAPCEC (Family and Parent Coaching Exploratory Committee) was established with almost 50 interested professionals participating
  • 2015 - almost 100 interested professionals participating in some way; first webinars were held; committees were established
  • Oct., 2015 - strategic planning session held in New Hampshire - mission, vision, goals identified; formal name and website chosen - Family Life Coaching Association; https://www.flcassociation.org
  • 2016 - results from survey were published in Family Science Review; the first textbook on family life coaching was published (Allen, 2016); the first FLCA newsletter was released
  • 2017 - membership dues set & a membership drive organized; two additional research articles were published on family life coaching; Articles of Incorporation were filed in the state of North Carolina
  • June, 2018 - the first annual FLCA conference was held on the campus of NC State in Raleigh, NC with 70 attendees
  • October, 2018 - 501(c)6 status obtained